The 24 year old Senegalese professional footballer is confident that his team will emerge victorious against Manchester United.

The Liverpool winger is confident is confident that his team will able to carry the day  against their arch rival Manchester United.

This season two top heavyweights will meet for the first time on Monday night ,where currently three points is separating them.

But the 24 year old is categorical  about the fact that this victory will help them to achieve their sixth consecutive win in all competitions.

"We are going to beat Manchester United," Mane told the Daily Telegraph.
He added: "Of course [I think that]. We all believe it. We are going to make it."

Though Mane conveyed when he made up his mind to join the Reds leaving the Southampton in 2015 he was a bit ignorant of the interest of the Manchester United.

 "In honesty, there were some clubs interested at that time but I never made any choices then," he explained.

"I did not say I thought of any club and I wanted to play there. That kind of interest gave me a lot confidence on the pitch and made me believe in myself, but I knew this was because of my hard work and I was in a good way.

"Ronald Koeman was not happy with all the rumours because he wanted me to stay, but it was not too complicated because for me, also, it was not time to go.

"When I spoke to him I told him, 'No problem, I will stay'. It was my decision. I wanted to stay at Southampton.