Manchester United News- Zlatan is not a threat to Lukaku-Neville


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Manchester United news highlighted that Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored just one goal for Red Devils in his last 10 appearances but the former Manchester United man is not concerned about his form in front of the post.

The former Manchester United captain Gary Nevile thinks Lukaku will return to his goal scoring form for Manchester in few times and also feels that Luakaku is not any kind of pressure because of the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic into the squad.

This season Manchester United has acquired him from Everton for £75 million, but he was managed to score just one goal in his last 10 appearances for them, Manchester United news says that because of Lukaku’s goal drought many Manchester United fan wants Mourinho to put Ibrahimovic in the first team in place of Lukaku, but Neville thinks that Mourinho will always go with the 24 year old.

Neville said: "I don't think Jose Mourinho will be worried about Romelu Lukaku's lack of goals, but I think ultimately he's got two big games coming up,"

"He was brought in to score goals in the games which United were drawing last season. However, it is in the big matches where they now need him most. If there is a way to get at Arsenal and Manchester City then it is by really going at their defences.

"Lukaku gets more chances created for him but he's also under more pressure, so misses get scrutinised, and rightly so, but these are the games where he can silence his critics.

"I don't see Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a threat to Lukaku at all but as a supplement. The only way Ibrahimovic can become number one is if the aura of Zlatan gets to Lukaku.

"Zlatan is confident but Lukaku is number one, the fans and the manager believe in him and if he does have any demons then he needs to clear them from his mind."