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According to Jose Mourinho, his side will be challenging other teams on all fronts within two years; recently he has outlined his 2020 vision for Manchester United.get more Manchester United News on


Last night Manchester United bite the dust at Wembley against Tottenham by 2-0 goals, and within 11 seconds they conceded a goal from the Danish international Christian Eriksen, and in the second half Phil Jones perilous own goal gave made it difficult for the Red Devils side to chase their opponents, last night they tried to turn the tide around but they failed to do so, and on the other hand their city rivals Manchester City won  their match against West Brom by 3-0 goals and taken 15 points lead than United in the league.


After their match against Tottenham, a question asked to the Special one where he sees his side in 2020, he replied:

"Better than now,"


"Fighting for what we are fighting for now but with different ammunition.


"I see us being real contenders for everything, that's the level we want to achieve."