Manchester United News- under him Manchester is far more boring- Van Gaal


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Manchester United news alludes that former Manchester United boss Van Gaal who has been replaced by Mourinho avouched that he would rather like to watch Manchester City over United.

According to the former Manchester United boss, Louis Van Gaal Manchester United are far more boring under Mourinho than they were at this time.

In their last encounter against their city rivals Manchester United bite the dust against Manchester City by 2-1 goals and now they are 11 points behind them.

In 2016 Mourinho replaced Van Gaal at Old Trafford but the since them he has faced many criticisms for playing defensive games against big clubs.

In an exclusive interview to Fox Sports Van Gaal voiced: “If you ask me how did I do at United, I will say it was my best year ever, given the circumstances I was working under.

“We played football that was quite alright. But it's not football that is appreciated in England.

“And yet, right now, looking at United, I have to conclude Mourinho is not being criticized while it's far more boring football.

“What United produce now is defensive football. I always played attacking football. The proof is that the opposition were always parking the bus.

“They don’t do that now because Jose Mourinho plays so defensive."

From 1996 to 2000 Mourinho worked under Louis Van Gaal at Barcelona, while Pep was the captain at that time for Barcelona.