Manchester United News- Sprus Game is not for Sanchez- Mourinho

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According to Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, their match against the Spurs was not the right kind of match for the new signing Alexis Sanchez. ger more Manchester United news on


Last night JAlexis Sanchez played well for the Manchester United side, and the special one also accolades him for that, but he felt that the attacker was not suited the way his side lost against Tottenham unfolded.


Last night the Spurs midfielder Christian Eriksen scored within 11 seconds for his side and Jones own goal saw Spurs past Manchester United by 2-0 goals.


Last night Sanchez made his first EPL appearance for the Red Devils and in his first match in the league, he faced the defeat and also struggled a lot during the match, because of that he was forced to drop deep in the second half of the match.


 But the special one is happy to Sanchez’s commitment on the field for Manchester United.


 Mourinho voiced: "He worked hard, but again the transformation the game had, the game was not for him,"


"In the second half, I tried to give him a position where he could be closer to [Romelu] Lukaku but then he felt the need to drop too much to organise.


"But he gave everything, good effort and this is a good feeling for me to know that the player is available with that spirit."


With that defeat right now Manchester United is 15 points behind their arch-rivals Manchester City in the league.