Manchester United News-: Sanchez is an amazing addition to Manchester United-Jose

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Manchester United news says that the addition of the Chilean international is just amazing after he made his debut for the Red Devils last night.


Last night Manchester United ran out by 4-0 goals in their counterparts and through to the Fifth round of the FA Cup, in his first match for Manchester United he had a mixed performance for them, where he made an assist to Ander Herrera.


After the game, Mourinho voiced:  "I am very happy. No surprises for anyone, three-and-a-half years in the Premier League playing every weekend everyone knows what type of player Alexis is. He's the type of player you buy and don't put a question mark in front of, you don't think about adaptation or anything like that in relation to English football.


"He's a fantastic player, he showed that for three years, and for the past three days training for us. An amazing addition for us."


Sanchez missed out his last few games for Arsenal so the special one thinks that it was obligatory to get back him on the pitch as soon as possible after his wonderful training session.


Mourinho added: "I think he needed to play, we spoke and he needed to play. He didn't play for Arsenal in the last two or three matches, his training was not good, when you have half of your body in the Emirates [Arsenal stadium] and half of your body in Manchester.


"He needed to train well like he did, and he needed to play. I was not sure about 90 minutes, I wanted to go for the 60, 70, 75, and it was good, because people understand his game better, and he can start to understand the way his fellow players play too."