Manchester united News: Paris Saint Germain to offer Mourinho

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According to the Manchester United new at the end of this season the French capital side Paris Saint Germain side will try to lure Mourinho to Paris.

But as per the Manchester United news the Red Devils side is also ready to offer the Portuguese manager a fresh new deal, Mourinho is tied up for three years with the Manchester United side and this is his second year with the Red Devils side and but in the recent past the Manchester United supremo said that he will not retire from Manchester United.

This season Paris Saint Germain empty their bank accounts to establish themselves as one of the powerhouses in the World football, this season they have brought the names like Dani Alves, Neymar, and Mbappe.

 A per the sources This season under the Spanish coach Unai Emery they are aiming to win the Champions league but if they fail to do so then in the next season they will let Him go and they will hire Mourinho.