Manchester United News- Ozil will play better at Manchester United


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Football legend Ian Right believes the Creative midfielder Mesut Ozil will shine at Manchester United.

After the end of this season, Ozil will be a free agent, and many European big guns are after the German International.

But the French manager of Arsenal, Wenger insisted Arsenal to not encash him in this January transfer Window and he thinks they will be able to convince him to sign a new deal after this season.

Question asked to the former Arsenal legend Ian Right if Ozil can flourish his game if he joins Manchester United in the next season,

 He replied: "Yes. I do. I think he's that type of player who will drag a team by its bootlaces through a game, but if your team is playing well, he's going to sprinkle stardust all over the place.


"With the players he'd be playing with at Man Utd as well, he is unbelievable. He is just awesome, and with the right team, and the right movement in front of him, he is easily one of the best I've seen. He's amazing.

"Is this difficult to say? Yeah. And we can't keep arguably two of the best players, arguably in the history of the club, ability-wise. It's sad times."

It seems pretty interesting to see whom Arsenal will target to replace Ozil and Sanchez should they leave the club, so far now Riyad Mahrez’s name came out on top to replace Sanchez.

Asked Right if the Leicester City man is the ideal one to replace Sanchez at Emirate, he stated: "Arsenal are in a position now where someone like Mahrez has to go there and really pull up trees to get them back to a position where they should be.


"What help would Mahrez have? They're looking at two unbelievable players who might walk out of the club."