Manchester United News: Newcastle fought like animals to beat us- Mourinho

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Manchester United news confirmed that the Special one praised about Newcastle United after they fought like animals to beat Manchester United in last night’s fixture.get more Manchester United News on


Last night Matt Ritchie scored the only solo goal for Newcastle, and with the win against Manchester United, they came out of the relegation Zone.


Last night for Manchester United Anthony Martial and Alexis Sanchez squandered the best chances, and right now Red Devils are 16 points behind than their city rivals Manchester City in the table.


In the post-match presentation, Mourinho said: "They fought like animals, that's a good word in football, and I hope they understand it as a compliment. They have everything they had and then the gods of football were with them. But they fought like animals to have luck on their side.


"It wasn't going to happen for us but also they gave what they have and what they don't have, that's a beautiful thing in football. They must have the best feeling of all, sometimes a better feeling than when you play fantastically well and you are better than the opponent."


 Last night Newcastle scored the only goal from a free kick, Dwight Gayle laid off the ball in the air and Ritchie scored a thumping header across the goal, and it was his first goal in this season’s premier league.


About that Goal, Mourinho voiced: "We made a defensive mistake from the free-kick,"


"Then when they are in front they only had one thing in their mind. They gave their lives to keep a clean sheet.


"It was not just up to them, it was also the gods of football, but I repeat it's a beautiful thing to win a match the way they did."