Manchester United News- Money makes the difference- Mourinho


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The Special one admits that Manchester United is struggling against other European big guns in financial power.

Mourinho believes that Manchester United is finding it hard against Manchester City and PSG in terms of their purchasing capacity.

This season the French capital side PSG stuns the world with the signing of Neymar for £198m and after that taking the French wonder kid from Monaco for £166m.

The Spaniard Pep Guardiola also overhaul the Manchester City side,

After his joining in Manchester City he has made 16 new signings at City, and this season they are the one of the strong team to make their bid for the Champions League along with PSG.

After succeeding Louis Van Gaal, the special one also spends huge for  Manchester United, under his wing Manchester United signed Paul Pogba from Juventus for £93.25m, and this season they have bought the Belgium international Lukaku for £75m.

But Mourinho feels more Overhaul to be done.

Mourinho voiced: "It is difficult [to compete] but it is possible,"

"Sometimes if you don't have that financial profile of club where there are no limits and the only thing that matters is to get the best, there is only one way which is patience, calm and time.


"I think next season we will get two or three more players. But we will lose two or three. [We are] not going to have a dramatic change or a dramatic improvement.


"When (Jurgen) Klopp arrived in Liverpool he trusted his quality as a good coach, which he is, but I think now he realises that is not enough to be a champion, to win the Champions League and to win trophies.

"So now you can see Liverpool with Naby Keita, who they have already bought for next summer, and with Virgil van Dijk, they realise they have to go to the same levels of the crazy market.


"Because if they offer £40m, Southampton don't sell them the player. Some clubs invest with limits, some go absolutely strong in the market.


"What Paris Saint-Germain did this summer with Neymar and Mbappe, they get two of probably the four best attacking players in the world. Two at the same time. And then players like Di Maria, Draxler, Pastore, Lucas Moura – they are second choices.


"So, money makes a difference."