Manchester United News: Manchester united problems are not just with Pogba-Keane

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Former Manchester United legend backed the under-fire French midfielder Paul Pogba and believes that the problem lies elsewhere on the team.get more Manchester United News on


Manchester United legend Roy Keane believes that Pogba is not the problem for Manchester United right now, as he believes that the Manchester United striker Lukaku and new Manchester United winger Alexis Sanchez are the ones who are not able to perform for them.


Last night Pogba was substituted by injured Ander Herrera in the 17th minutes of the game, but he was also unable to spark some magic for United against Sevilla, and they drew their match against Sevilla in the first leg of their Champions League tie.


There are some reports suggests that the French international has some feud with the Special one after being substituted in Manchester United’s premier league defeats against Tottenham and Newcastle United.


Still, the former Manchester Unites skipper backed the French midfielder, though he demands more from him, but he criticized the Manchester United striker Lukaku and their newly signed winger Alexis Sanchez.


Keane voiced: "Pogba is a really good player. He's under lots of pressure at the moment. There's lots of speculation about him,"


"He was left out but you'd still have Pogba in your starting XI.


"I look at Pogba off the field. He seems to have a big personality, whether it be social media, the cars he drives, his haircut. He needs to bring that onto the football pitch.


"Man Utd's problems are not just with Pogba. Lukaku's got to do better. Sanchez – I know he's new to the club – he's got to do better.


"They obviously need to reinvest in some defenders. You can't keep pointing the finger at Pogba but of course the lad has got to do better."

The former Manchester man continued: "You're talking about Man United, one of the greatest clubs on the planet. They still need to do better. And certain players need to up their game.


"Lukaku, for example – get hold of the ball. Whatever about putting the ball in the back of the net, get hold of it.


"And if you want to become one of the great strikers of Man United and you get the chance, like he did tonight, you've got to score in these tight games."


In their next match, Manchester United will tackle Chelsea in their home ground, Old Trafford.