Manchester United News: Liverpool is not the perfect team- Mourinho

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The special one thinks that the Reds are not a perfect team ad he believes that he can exploit them when both the teams will face each other on this Saturday.


Right now at this moment Liverpool is two points away from the second-placed Manchester United, and today’s match can turn the EPL table, it will be a second vs third match.


The best of both the teams are contradicting, while this season Liverpool’s attacker has scored 67 times against their opponents and on the other hand, Manchester United has only conceded 22 goals this season.


While the special one knows their weakness, Mourinho pointed out Liverpool’s weak points.


The Special one voiced: "They are a very good team but they are a very good team with some weaknesses,"


"Weaknesses I don't think is a very strong word because I also use that word in relation to my own team.


"They are not the perfect team. I think they are a very good team and that is why they are where they are in the Premier League, which is difficult.


"They have qualities and they have weaknesses. We have qualities and we have weaknesses.


"One of my good qualities as a coach was always to know very well my team's weaknesses. Sometimes I try to hide them and sometimes I have to try to compensate for them with other things.


"We are very similar in terms of points in the Premier League. Liverpool have already qualified for the Champions League quarter-finals and we still have 90 minutes of a big fight to try to be there.


"So in the Champions League they are clearly ahead of us but in the FA Cup we have a chance they don't have so we are having quite similar seasons."