Manchester United News: Liverpool cannot win the premier league title playing like Mourinho


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Manchester United news claims that the Liverpool team unable to break down the Manchester United side in their last encounter, but till the German manager spirits remain high.

The German manager of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp defends his team’s playing style against Manchester United side, and also says that this season if they continue playing like Mourinho’s style they cannot win the premier league title.

In this last Saturday, the Liverpool were frustrated by Manchester United’s tactics, it was like they are playing this match to collect one point from it.

Right now the Liverpool side is nine points aback from the league leaders Manchester City side after eight games and it looks like Liverpool’s trophyless season to extended for another season.

After that match, Klopp said: "Most things [Manchester United] did were completely clear. Why should I talk about them sitting back before the game? That's not my job,"

"Jose obviously did what he thinks is right, or what he wants to do, and that is OK. It doesn't make life easier for us but I can't moan and say 'Come on, open up a little bit'. That's not how it is.

"They want to win the league and I am sure we couldn't play like this in Liverpool after 125 years without the title. We cannot sit back and say 'Let's wait' — that is not possible."

But the German manager is still optimistic about Liverpool’s  future this season despite they are falling apart from the Manchester City side.

He added: "We have to do whatever is necessary and we will be challengers,"

"We will be challengers for the next few years no problem. We showed big heart, we were brave, I thought we were smart in doing the right thing at the right moment, but in the end it didn't work out.

"If we get the penalty, and I know we'd still have to score, but Mo Salah was still on the pitch and he scored the most difficult penalty in the world for Egypt last week, then it's 1-0.

"We take it like it is. If you really want to know who we are, watch the full 90 minutes of our last few games and tell me we were not good."