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Manchester United news confirms the special one signed a new deal with the Red Devils until 2020, and the football Pundit Paul Merson believes that Jose would not sign the new deal with the Red Devils if he did not believe they can catch Manchester City.


On this Thursday, Mourinho ink a new deal with Manchester United, and now he will remain at Old Trafford until 2020, and also has the option to extend that deal to 2021.


The football pundit Merson also believes that Jose Mourinho is confident to bridge the gap to Manchester City’s runways premier league leaders.


Paul Merson said: "If you're Manchester United fan, Mourinho's extension sends out a message that they are going for Manchester City,"


"This gives a message to the fans that Mourinho thinks he can catch Manchester City. I don't think he would be there if he didn't think he could catch them.


"Without a doubt, Mourinho sees this as one of the biggest challenges of his career – I don't think there is another challenge in Europe at the moment like this, chasing down Man City who are one of the best teams in world football.


"I think Mourinho believes he can catch them, otherwise he would go and say there was no point."


Mourinho’s contract extension news just came after Manchester United captured Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal in this transfer season.


 Paul Merson believes that in the summer transfer window Manchester United will do further signings to bolster their squad to remain with their city rivals City.


Merson added: "Sanchez is moving up to the biggest club in world football in my opinion,"


"It's a great signing for United, his arrival gives them X-factor.


"They will go in the market again next summer and it will game on next season. If I was a United fan I'd be looking forward to it."