Manchester United News: I would not chase him for a handshake-Mourinho


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According to Manchester United News Manchester, United gaffer would not lose sleep over a Conte’s incident.

Last night the Italian manager enjoys the victory over Manchester United with his player rather than greeting Jose Mourinho.

Manchester United News says that the special one played down the purported incident of shaking the hands with Antonio Conte after Manchester United faced a defeat against them last night at Stamford Bridge.

Both the players have an uneasy relationship between them after Conte take charge of Chelsea from Mourinho and last season Mourinho accused Conte of over Celebrating when Chelsea thrashed Manchester United by 4-0 goals.

Last night also after the match Mourinho bypass Conte and Conte ran onto the pitch to celebrate the victory with his players.

After the match, Mourinho said: “You want me to go and chase him in the middle of the pitch? I was there. I shook hands with the people who were there,"

"I think one of them was his brother, the assistant, so I feel that by shaking the hands of his brother and the other assistants that I did my duty. I cannot go and run to chase him.

“Why should I wait [in the tunnel]? He doesn't have to wait. There is no problem with it at all. You are always worried about these things… no problem.”

After that match, Mourinho thinks Manchester should take away some points from that match.

He added: "It was a big game. Powerful team against powerful team. Tactically, emotionally, physically. Of course, we missed some important players who weren't available,"

"The team that scored first would probablywin, because both were good defensively. Being in front would always be an advantage.

"They scored before us and were in a more comfortable position. We lost emotionally for a few minutes after the goal. We struggledbeing confident and playing again, but we had a good reaction and control.

"We showed initiative, courage and had the chance toequalise, which would have been a fair result."