Manchester United News- I feel like a 10- Ibrahimovic


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Manchester United news says this season the Swedish veteran is on the verge to return for an action for Manchester United side but he may be used in a rummy role.

The Veteran Ibrahimovic says that this season he can play a new role for Manchester United.

The Swedish has been out of the action since April when Manchester United get a victory over Anderlecht in April, but the Special one hinted that before the end of 2017 Ibrahimovic may return to action for Manchester United.

Last season Ibrahimovic lead the Manchester United attack, but this season because of the arrival of Lukaku, Ibrahimovic can fit into a new position for Manchester United, Ibrahimovic said that he can adjust to the No 10 role is a natural fit for him and he can adapt this position to earn a place in the squad.

Ibrahimovic added: "To me, the No.10 is the star,"

"The one who makes the difference, gets noticed, wins the matches and is the leader. And I see myself in that position but it is not something that is given to you, it is just something you are, that's just the way it is.

"To be honest, it is like a trigger for me coming back from that injury because I wore the No.10 in the Swedish national team and PSG. I would have worn it at Inter but I soon moved to Barcelona. I wanted it in Milan but took another number out of respect. In Ajax, I didn't have it.

"I feel like a ten and I stand for No.10. It will go down in history that I always had No.10."

About his injury, Ibrahimovic  voiced: "I tried to take down a ball with my chest and timed the landing wrong,"

"I stuck my legs out and landed completely wrong. The leg went backwards and then it was pulled out. I have never been hurt, but then I felt I swallowed my tongue. It was a strange feeling that I had never known before.

"I told myself it's just a bang up. But when I got up, I felt that the leg was not in balance. In the locker room they started to check the leg but without an X-ray it was impossible to say exactly what the problem was. It turned out to be a cruciate ligament injury."