Manchester United News: Facing Rooney will be weird- Mata

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According to the Manchester United news the Spanish midfielder avouched that this season Manchester United fans will welcome will Rooney at Old Traffrod.

Rooney is the all-time leading goal scorer for the Manchester United side, and this season he will faces his former side Manchester United side for the first time after he ended his tenure with Manchester United this season.

This season the Everton side not managed to win after they won their first match and they faced back to back defeats against Chelsea and Tottenham, and Mata thinks they will be dangerous to tackle at Manchester United, also believes that they can threat pose to them.

Juan Mata said in his own blog: "They've just suffered a tough defeat against Tottenham, but they have made very good signings and of course they have a player like Wayne Rooney,"

"I hope Old Trafford will welcome him as he deserves.

"It will be weird to see Wayne playing with a different shirt, to be honest, but this is the decision he made last summer and we wish him the best of luck."

 Manchester United news says Last night Manchester United made their entry in the Champions league after a one year of absence and about that Mata said: "The group stage of the Champions League kicks off and we are back there, with the best teams in Europe, the place where Manchester United should always be,"

"We missed it a little bit last season – although we made the most of our year in the Europa League with that night in Stockholm – and now it's time to compete at the highest level."