Manchester United News- Every player has a price- Mourinho


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Manchester United news claims that Jose Mourinho has offered no assurance to Henrikh Mkhitaryan over his long-term future in Manchester United.

Under Mourinho’s wing, Mkhitaryan was one of the players whom Manchester United signed, but his inconsistency has blighted the Armenian international at Manchester United.

This season the Armenian international has made just three top three fights start for the Manchester United side and made five assists, but now his form has been tailed off and recently in the match against Derby he came in the pitch as a substitute.

Question asked to Mourinho whether the 29 years would stay at Manchester or not. He replied:

"My approach to players is that every player has a price,"

"It doesn't matter who he is. It doesn't matter the level. It doesn't matter the prestige, the status. I think every player has a price.


"And I am not the kind of blind manager…blind in the sense of, this player is untouchable, can never be sold. I think every player has a price.

"So when the transfer window is open, it's also open for any club that is interested in our players. Then it's up to us to make the decision: yes or no.

"It's up to us to decide what we think is the right price. But Mkhitaryan played the last match in the FA Cup and probably will play the next one [against Stoke]. He's a little bit the same in relation to other players that are involved in this gossip of the transfer market.


"He is our player and a very good player. So Saturday [he is] training, then Sunday [he is] selected and Monday [he will] play."

Some rumors are there that Mourinho could use Mkhitaryan as a makeweight to seal the deal for Alexis Sanchez, whom Mourinho called a phenomenal in the recent past.