Manchester United News- Champions league harder for English teams- Mourinho


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Manchester United News confirms that the Special one believes that the winter schedule of EPL makes life harder for the EPL players to challenge for Champions league.

According to Jose Mourinho, the winter schedule of EPL troubles EPL teams to compete with other teams for the European glory.

This time five EPL teams are ready to be in the knockout round of the Champions League, while Manchester City and Tottenham already qualified for the Champions league next round, on the other hand, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea are in the driver seat to go to the next round.

Manchester United news confirms that despite this season Manchester United made a strong start of the campaign in the Champions league but Mourinho feels that the Winter break that is taken by Most of the Europe's elite league and EPL doesn’t that let down the Chances of EPL clubs to be the dominant force in Europe.

Mourinho said: “I always say the Champions League only starts in February, and in February the English teams are [still playing] after December and January where we can play 20 matches over two months. The Germans, the French, the Spanish, the Italians, they all come from a winter break,"

“So I think they arrive in better condition than the English teams."

The Winter Schedule and the high level of Competition in England put players in a stress according to Mourinho.

He added: “It’s also a fact that any match you play in this country, if you don’t go strong, you lose,"

“We go to Bristol (City of the Championship next Wednesday) in the (EFL Cup) quarter-final and if you don’t go with a strong team, you lose. That’s as simple as that.

“In other other countries, between the top teams and the others, there is huge difference and not just in terms of talent and potential but also in terms of mentality.”

“Here, the smaller teams want to win, want to compete, want to have the courage to try and get a result.”

This Saturday Manchester United will back in action against Newcastle.