Manchester United News- Beckham wants Ibrahimovic to stay

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Former Manchester United legend David Beckham does not want Ibrahimovic to move away from Manchester United in this stage.get more Manchester United News on


 The former MLS star and Manchester United star Beckham wants Zlatan Ibrahimovic to stay at Manchester United amid many rumors from MLS.


 Some transfer rumors suggest that this season Ibrahimovic is close to joining the five-time MSL champions and some suggest that the Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho would not stand in the way that transfer.


Beckham stated: "No matter how you talk about him, he's one of the best players, one of the best people, and if he comes to this league at some point it would be great,"


"But at the moment he's a Manchester United player and I'm happy about that, and I want him to stay there. But at some point, he might come here."


From 1992 to 2003 Beckham played for Manchester United and from 2007 to 2012 he played for the L A Galaxy, former MLS star has given an insight into Ibrahimovic’s decision process.


 While most of the critics believe that this season Ibrahimovic would join the MLS, as he is getting limited time football this season after he had undergone a  knee surgery, but Beckham is optimistic about his EPL career.


Beckham added: "Any mention of any great player like Zlatan coming to this league can only be good for the league,"


"The fact that I joined [the Galaxy] from a small team like Real Madrid — when you're playing for a team like Real Madrid and you make that decision and that time to actually come to a league that is not as established as it is now, that was a big move for me back in the day.


"But now this league is talked about globally. You're talking about players that have played in this league already — you look at players as great as Kaka, he's come in and he's played in this league.


"And when you talk about Zlatan, yeah, it's great that it's talked about like that, and he would be more than welcomed into this league by fans, by players. It doesn't matter what injuries he has had over his career — he's a beast."