Manchester United News- Alexis Could help Manchester reach Champions league final-Macari

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According to Manchester United news former Manchester United legend believes that addition of the Chilean attacker Sanchez makes Manchester United to a different proposition in Europe.


According to Lou Macari now Manchester United can reach the Champions League final after they got Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal this season.


On this Saturday Alexis makes his first home debut for the Red Devils against Huddersfield town, where he scored a goal for his new club and they comfortably won the match by 2-0 goals.


The former Red Devil legend believes that the addition of the Chilean superstar now makes United the club who can go deep in the Champions League.


Macari stated: “What he does for us is add competition for places, which any manager would tell you is fantastic. It sorts of livens up one or two others, and in our case it gives us a better chance in Europe,”


“There wouldn’t be many United supporters before saying there’s an outstanding chance of us winning the Champions League, but when you sign somebody like him it can be the turning point in your season in the biggest competition there is.


“Let’s be honest, the team was doing alright before we signed him but we needed a little bit of an injection of something and he just may be that something that we needed. Even for the money, I know they say about his wages and all that but the fee was minor compared to the fees nowadays.


“So I think it was a good deal and he can give you a little bit more of an opportunity to go further in the Champions League.”


Macari also adds the facts that this season in the Champions league draw they missed some European big guns as this term in the Round of 16 they have paired with the Spanish side Sevilla, and that’s good for the English giant's European hopes.


He added: “Some of the teams that we regard as the brilliant teams are not that brilliant at this moment, the two Spanish teams in particular seem to be losing what they had last year and the year before.


“They don’t seem to be as consistent, and with the right draw in any cup competition it gives you a chance of possibly, possibly getting to the final. Just having Sanchez gives you a better chance of trying to achieve that.


“I wouldn’t like to start saying we could win it, it just gives you a better chance with him than without him, let’s say, because he’s got that little bit of something about him, that little twist and turn, he’ll run at people, he’ll get fouls as you saw on Saturday plenty of times.”


After two more domestic games, Manchester United will take on Sevilla on February 21st.