Manchester United’s plane made an emergency landing in Tianjin ahead of their match against their rival Manchester City. 

Currently, Manchester United is in China for their pre-season tour, where they had launched their home kit for their upcoming season of English Premier League 2016/17.

 Jose Mourinho’sboys lost their first match of their pre-season tour in China. They are defeated by Borussia Dortmund (4-1). Now they are ready for clash against Manchester City.

Manchester United’s plane forced to made an emergency landing in Tianjin because of the bad weather, losing their first match of the pre-season and now the weather challenging the whole United team. It’s seems like the Red devil boys are really going through some worst days, that’s all we can say.
 After the emergency landing Memphis Depay shared a video in Facebook, from the outside of the United’s Plane and in the video he said,

“We are lost somewhere, we had to make a quick landing somewhere,
“We tried to fly to Beijing but the weather is a little bit bad so we had to land somewhere else.
“So now we’re waiting until the weather gets a little bit easier so that we can land. I hope we can leave soon so that we can prepare ourselves for the game versus Manchester City.”