Manchester United can still win the premier league title: Guardiola

Football News: Guardiola believes this season his lads could slip up and Manchester United still has the chance to win the EPL silverware this season.

Guardiola believes that Manchester United still have the chance to win the EPL.

Right now Manchester City needs five points from their next six EPL matches to secure the EPL title ahead of their game against Tottenham on this Sunday.

Today Manchester City would travel to Wembley after losing straight three matches In a row in the last weeks, in the Champions league they lost all the two matches against Liverpool and in their domestic league they lost the derby against their city rivals Manchester United by 3-2 goals.

Guardiola believes that this till can happen and to prove his point he used the examples of Spanish football and NBA.

Guardiola voiced: "It can happen,"

"Football is emotional. We can only try to focus and win at Tottenham and then Swansea.

"The fact is that since November or December we were already champions. When I heard pundits and fans in November they said it's all done, it's impossible for City to drop points. In one week we lost three games, that happened.

"We are able to win the two games [we need to confirm the title] and we will do that. We handled the pressure between the good and bad moments for the entire season, not just in this period.


"Dealing with the end of season pressure is good for our future. We have to handle that. If we are not able to in the end and United win the league then all we can says is 'congratulations'.

"Of course it can happen, I assure you. Real Madrid, many years ago, lose six games in a row and didn't win the league. Of course it can happen, no doubts about that. The players know that, I don't need to tell them.

"Never before in the NBA had one team in the final recovered from 3-1 down. One year ago Cavaliers won 4-3 against Golden State Warriors, winning three games in a row.

"It's in hour hands, that is the good advantage. If we lose it will be in the same way we tried to play against United and Liverpool. Congratulations to the opponents if they beat us."