In 11 years the EPL giants Manchester United have returned to the top of Deloitte Football Money league.


The EPL giants Manchester United side made revenue of 515.3m in 5015-2016 season that made them caper the Spanish Goliaths Barcelona (£463.8m) and Real Madrid (£463.8m), who sits in the second and third position right now.

11 times Champions league winner Real Madrid sticks to the Numero Uno position for 11 years but this season they fail to concrete the spot and slips to the third spot.

The Deloitte Football Money League they measures broadcast rights and commercial sources, club's earnings from match day revenue, they do not include players transfer fees.

The partner of Sports Business Group at Deloitte Dan Jones voiced that:

"Manchester United have had to wait 11 years to regain their position as the world's leading revenue-generating club and it has taken phenomenal commercial revenue growth to help them achieve this.

"In recent years, their ability to secure commercial partnerships with value in excess of that achievable by their peers has been the crucial factor in enabling the club to regain their place at the top of the Money League.

"That said, they'll face strong competition from FC Barcelona and Real Madrid to retain the top spot in next year's edition, due to the lack of Champions League football, the weakening of the pound against the Euro and, over the longer term, as other clubs enter the commercial market demanding similar deals, using United as the precedent."

Manchester’s City rivals Manchester City sits on the fifth spot on the table with (£392.6m) revenue, and the other EPL giants Arsenal (£350.4m) Chelsea (£334.6m)   Liverpool (£302m).

In the top 20 list other three premier league teams make their spot, teams like Tottenham (£209.2m), West Ham (£143.8m),and Leicester City (£128.7m).

The list of Deloitte Football Money League Table
RANK                                TEAM                                     REVENUE IN                                                                                                2015-16
1                     Manchester United                                                515.3
2                          Barcelona                                                          463.8   
3                        Real Madrid                                                          463.8 
4                       Bayern Munich                                                      442.7
5                     Manchester City                                                      392.6
6                     Paris-Saint-Germain                                                389.6
7                             Arsenal                                                            350.4
8                            Chelsea                                                            334.6
9                           Liverpool                                                              302
10                          Juventus                                                           255.1
11                  Borussia Dortmund                                                    212.3
12                      Totteham                                                               209.2
13                 Atletico Madrid                                                            171
14                     Schalke 04                                                             167.9
15                          Roma                                                                163.2
16                       AC Milan                                                              160.6
17                 Zenith-St –Petersburg                                                  147
18                      West Ham                                                             143.8
19                      Inter Milan                                                              134
20                     Leicester City                                                         172.1