Manchester United Ahead of Real Madrid with David de Gea

The mistakes of Keylor Navas, Madrid’s first goalkeeper, are getting exposed widely in the Champions League, and talks of switching him with David de Gea has cropped up again.

Football News:David de Gea was talked about again after Keylor Navas made another mistake in Real Madrid's win vs Bayern Munich

On Wednesday night, Navas was beaten at his near post as he conceded Joshua Kimmich’s cross-cum-shot. The gap between the goalkeeper and the near post was so much that even one could have driven a Humvee right through it.

Navas had previously faltered against Juventus as Blaise Matuidi scored the equaliser in the previous round match. The Spanish media were all over the Costa Rican goalie for his mistakes.

"Fluffed his lines once again," Marca's player ratings spat. "As against Juve, Navas let a goal slip by him that shouldn't have been." AS wrote a pre-match op-ed entitled 'The last train for Keylor' ahead of the Bayern tie and warned Navas 'Your future depends on this tie'.

"Keylor has no more bullets left in the chamber," Carlos Forjanes fired. "He knows that the club does not give up in its effort to change goalkeeper."

The consolation for United fans will be that Madrid has shown interest for Roma’s Alisson Becker and Chelsea’s Thibaut well which could leave De Gea with the Red Devils.

Madrid could have acquired the services of De Gea in the summer of 2015 as United were pondering over the renewal of contract. But negotiations fell apart due to a faulty fax machine on deadline day in 2015.

De Gea’s value is in excess of £100 million now and realistically, Madrid cannot justify an exorbitant fee for a goalkeeper when they covet a striker and a forward.

Moreover Jose Mourinho's influence was so immediate that after just two months working with him De Gea had 'never sounded more optimistic' about life at United. De Gea has also captained his side for the first time against Bournemouth last week which would give him added confidence.

United are currently preparing a new contract for De Gea, which could make him come level with best-paid player Alexis Sanchez’s £350,000-a-week wages.