The 36 year old winger has called on his club’s players to be zesty, even when they suffer disappointment under their new Italian boss.

Florent Malouda has called for the Blues squad to stick together under their new manager to avoid the last season result where they finish 10th place finish under the special one Jose Mourinho.

Chelsea has appointed the Italian form Juventus this year to turn around the team that has the worst ever title defence record in the Premier League, though Chelsea has lost their two games and draws a game in their last five games.

Now the Blues are sitting seventh in the table, they are three points behind than Liverpool and five points behind than Manchester City in the table, and Malouda thinks that the players have a collective duty to help the manager and turn things around for them.

They just have to stick together," Malouda told. "There were tough times during my time as well, but once everybody understood that the club comes first, the team improved.

"There will be pressure to perform at big clubs. Most of the time the problem is psychological as it is all a matter of confidence. The coach can help, but every player must look within himself.”

The former French international has made 149 appearances for Chelsea and won the Premier League, a champions league medal and three FA cup with them.

Malouda : “People keep focusing on Chelsea’s defence," He added. "What they forget that they were the champions with the same team two years ago. In top teams, there are always fingers being pointed at one specific area.

"During my time at Chelsea as a winger, I was involved in the defence as much as the central defender. For me, as a former player, it is difficult to see Chelsea struggle.”