Former English football manager Alan Pardew accolades about the New Manchester United striker but he feels still Lukaku needs to improve him in some areas.


This season Manchester United side acquired the Belgium international from the Everton side for £90m, the striker is showing everyone that he worth that kind of money after scoring three goals for the Manchester United side in his two matches, and Manchester United also won their first two EPL matches with flying colors.

Alan Pardew thinks that Lukaku is good at finishing but he needs to improve his movement to take his game to the next level.

Pardew voiced: "Lukaku needs to improve at Man Utd on when they regain possession,"

"His movement today was not good enough, to go short or long, to play quick. He needs more of that [movement] and he'll get more touches.

"There were times when the ball changed hands to United and he was static. He needs to think a little bit quicker but when the chance comes, he doesn't miss. He's a great finisher.

"We were talking earlier about [Ruud] van Nistelrooy, Teddy Sheringham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He needs to get some of that cleverness about where to be without the ball.

"He's at the best place to learn that because he's going to be watching the videos with Jose Mourinho after the game."

Henry the legendary French international who is now a part of Roberto Martinez Belgium team has worked with Lukaku in international level thinks Lukaku needs to improve his work rate.

He added: "Some of the stuff we talk about I won't share here! But he knows what he needs to do,"

"That guy is driven, he knows what he wants, he knows what he has to do.

"Let's not forget, he is still young in the game in terms of playing in a team like United. When you play for Manchester United, it is totally different.

"You play a friendly against LA Galaxy and miss a goal, that goes viral. When he missed a goal in a friendly for Everton, nobody knew about it.

"Now even when you score people say you should do more, that's the way it is.

"He is strong enough to deal with it, arriving at Man Utd is not easy and he has arrived well. You ask him to score goals and he's scoring goals