Lukaku and Sanchez responsible for their own form: Solskjaer

The New interim manager of Manchester United urged Lukaku and Sanchez to take responsibility to continue their career at United.

Solskjaer wants Lukaku and Sanchez to give their best shot for Manchester United.

Neither player has been featured so far under the Norwegian international at United, Sanchez is down with his hamstring injury science November and Lukaku missed both the games for personal reasons.

At this stage along with Sanchez and Lukaku another French International Anthony martial could come into consideration for United when they will face Bournemouth on this Sunday in premier league, and this Sunday the new manager could feature all three of them in the front after pogba’s improvement in form.

Alexis Sanchez who joined United in the last January transfer window failed to capture anything approaching his best at United and this season the Belgium attacker has only managed to score six goals for United in his 21 appearances.

However the new caretaker manager did not take any credit for Pogba’s  renaissance, and put the responsibility on the other united players who are not able to meet the expectations.

The new manager stated: “I cannot do anything for their performances on the pitch. Paul has done it himself, the players have done the performances,”

“I’m here to guide them, help them on the path, and then it’s up to them when they get a chance.

“That’s the name of the game as a footballer, you have to do it yourself. Yes, you want help from your team-mates and your manager. I give them some guidelines.

“Of course there has been loads of talk about freedom of expression, but that’s how I’ve always been as a manger. You can’t tell all the players what to do in this position, that position.

“They’re here for a reason, they’re good players, and it’s up to them to use their imagination and creativity, and just enjoy playing for this club because that’s the best part of your life.

“But it’s not bad being manager either, for a little while.”