The former Spanish international wants Barcelona to win this El clasico, he thinks that this match could be decisive match and the team who will win that match will have an advantage.


The former winger believes that this match will have a impact on this season La LIga title.

The Catalan side is not sitting in the thirst spot on the La Liga table and their arch Rival Real Madrid is sitting on the top spot right now and the Barcelona is six points behind form their rivals, and today they definitely try to close down their point’s gap.

The former Barcelona youth player Luis Enrique thinks that this FOOTBALL MACTH will be a crucial match for both of the teams.

Right now the Spaniard is on Delhi and from there he will watch the match which was organized by La Liga, 

The former winger added that:

"It is probably the most important game in the world. Everybody is watching it.

"For both teams and their fans as well, this game is very important. Real Madrid currently sit six points ahead of Barcelona. Barcelona need to win tomorrow at all costs. So it will be a very exciting game for the fans as well.

"Luis Enrique has nothing to prove anymore. He has won so many trophies. Even when people started doubting him, he was always very clear. I know him very well as he was my team-mate in my first year in Barcelona.

"I know how he works so hard every day to become better and analyses every situation. So he has nothing to prove."

The former Barcelona man also accolade about the French coach Zidane and he told that he is happy to see him win the champions league in his first season with the Real Madrid side.

He voiced:

"Zidane is also a very good manager,"

"He took charge of the team in a very difficult spot last year. He took them to the final of the Champions League and they won it.

"Now they’re top of the table in Spain and looking strong in the Champions League. People didn’t expect that he would turn out to be such a good manager.

"But he was a great player in his playing days and now is proving to be a very good coach."