This Sunday the 29 year old Argentine captain and Barcelona ace creates history, he became the top goal scorer in the Derby history with his goal against Espanyol.


This Sunday the Catalan side displayed some amazing football against their rival Espanyol and the won the match with flying colours by 4-1, after that match the Catalan manager heaped eulogy on the 29 year old Barcelona attacker Messi.

This Sunday at Camp Nou the little Argentine creates another history by scoring a goal against the Espanyol he netted a late goal in that match and became the all time top goal scorer in the Catalan derby tally 15.

And in that match he also made two crucial passes one for Suarez and one for Jordi alba in that match.


That Barcelona coach said after the match: "We cannot get accustomed to what Leo Messi does,"

"It is something unique and, here at the Camp Nou, it happens every 15 days."

In that match Barcelona won the match against their City rivals by 4-1, thanks to their main Uruguayan striker Suarez who scored two goals for them in that match in the 18 th minutes and in the 67 th minutes and their left back Jordi Alba also scored for them and in the last the Argentine sealed the match for them,

Now Barcelona is three points’ behind from their rivals Real Madrid, but Real Madrid has one extra match in their hand.

The Catalan manager added: "[We played] at a very high level,"

"Espanyol set out their game as we expected, very compact at the back, something that always makes attacking more difficult.


"In the first half, we tired them out and, in the second, our best players showed up to unbalance the match.

"We more often play against teams who sit back in their own half.


"When they try to attack us, we look to take advantage of the spaces in behind with long passes. We have the ideal players to do it."