The former Barcelona coach starts his life in the Etihad stadium in a style but it just halt in the recent weeks, but Luis Enrique is sure that he will achieve silverware there.

The recent Catalan coach is confident about his compatriot that he will overcame the problem what he is facing with the Manchester City right now.

When he took the charge for the Manchester city his side won the first ten under him back to back in all the competitions, but now they did not manage to win one single match out of their last six matches and they also their last match against their city rivals Manchester United in the EFL cup by 1-0.

After the lost their match against the Red Devils in the EFL cup some questioned about Guardiola’s tactics what he is been using for the Sky Blues in recent games, but the Blaugrana coach Luis Enrique thinks he will hit his critics hard and he will win every success with his new club.

"To the critics of Guardiola: He is going to win. He will win titles this season, for sure," Luis Enrique said at a media conference.

"The critics are going to appear because it bothers them that there are always the same people who win…

"And Pep will win by playing good football. I believe you have to have a philosophy and an idea and to stick with that to the end. There is no mathematical rule for success."