At this stage, the Tottenham side is now seven points adrift of the league leaders Chelsea but the Tottenham goalkeeper believes that Champions league qualification if their main priority.


The French international and the Tottenham goalkeeper said that though they are closing their gap with the league leaders but their main aim is to get a spot in the Champions league.

In the recent past, the Chelsea side lost their match against the Crystal Palace side though it was a rare scene for them in this season but on the other side the Tottenham side defeated the Burnley side by 2-0 goals on that day.

There are only nine league games are remaining and the battle for top four fight supremacy becomes little tighter,

Though the French international is loath to be drawn on this issue but he avouched right now get a spot on the top four of EPL is the main and sole goal for his team.

In an interview, Lloris said: "Honestly, it doesn't change my mind or the minds of my team-mates.

"We're still focused on ourselves. We need to carry on because it's very tight in the league behind us.

"Anything can happen so it's important to stay involved, to stay together and keep fighting until the end because we want to finish as high as possible in this league and be back in the Champions League.

"We don't talk about the title because even seven points is a big gap at this stage of the season.

"I prefer to look backward and to look at what is happening to us because this is the final race. It's a key moment of the season."

On this Wednesday the Tottenham side will play their next match against the  Swansea City.