The Portuguese manager has compared the Monday Premier league conflict to Europe biggest matches, nothing overly special.

According to Jose Mourinho the Monday’s match among Manchester United and Liverpool is just any other match between any rival teams, there is no difference.

The special one Jose Mourinho will take his side to the Anfield on Monday for his first encounter with the German coach Klopp as a Manchester United manger since he took the charge for the Red Devils in July.

The 49 year old German Jurgen Klopp said that the clash between these two sides the magnificence of the clash should not be disregard, but Mourinho thinks the conflict is no better than others he has sagacity during his walks of life.

The special one said: "I always like to play at Anfield. I won big matches and lost big matches. It's not true that I'm always successful but I like to go there, I like the atmosphere and normally the characteristics of the matches. 

"Being Man United manager obviously means something more, but for me it's just a big match. It can be comparable to Inter-[AC] Milan, Real Madrid-Barcelona, maybe Porto-Benfica.

"The season for me is not about Anfield and Old Trafford in January. It's about many matches, many points to lose, many targets."

During his real Madrid time Jose Mourinho has managed to win over the Klopp only just one time in his five meetings, where Real Madrid beat Dortmund by 2-0 in Champions League semi finals.

"I've not much to say," was his response when asked for his view on Klopp's work.

Asked whether Liverpool should be considered title contenders, he added: "You have to ask them. They're a good team."