Liverpool has to start winning trophies: Kloop

Football News: The German manager know that he will have to deliver this term with the Reds after clubs spends a hefty amount of money in this transfer window.

Klopp is determined to win some silverware with the Reds.

Last season they have reached to the champions league final and also finished the league in the fourth place and this season the Reds management opens their bank accounts to reinforce their squad.

In the recent past they have snatched Alisson from Roma for a mammoth amount, now he has become the most expensive goal keeper in the history, along with him they have also got Naby Keita, Fabinho and Xherdan Shaqiri this season.

Question asked to the German manager if Liverpool need to win any trophy this season, he replied: "You are right and people will say that. It is the next step.

"It would be the next step and we need to be ready for that. I cannot give guarantees here but I understand if people think that. I know about the expectations and that is completely normal. First of all we have to play the football that gives us an opportunity to win something. We cannot talk about winning something before we start the season.

"Football is not like cycling so we have lost a lot of things. The other day I put on a session and had to stop it and start again. I was: 'Four players, one row, that's how we defend.' It's not that the boys wanted to do it a different way but there's a big change at this moment – new players coming in from another club, players in after a long time out; you are starting new more or less. When you have the complete team together you can build on the basis a little bit more.

"I am confident we can build on last season. It's not that we lost things completely but you have to work on it to get it back. The football the boys played last year was not easy. There was a lot of work invested into playing like that. That's what we will do again. I am not in doubt about our basis or that we will reach it again.

"I want to have the best start ever but we all know that something can happen and then everything is questioned in a second. I don't want to prepare anyone for a bad start because I don't want to have one but it is possible, I cannot ignore that completely.

"I am in for the start of a third season and in each season there was one period when people questioned me or our progress. In the end it was OK. I am prepared for these moments. I don't want to have them but I don’t go nuts in these moments. We need to work with the different situations of the players. The new players will make us stronger 100 per cent. How? By starting, coming from the bench, the depth of the squad, whatever. We will see that but it does not happen on the first day."