The 38 year old former Liverpool striker Emile Heskey was impressed with the attacking lineup that the Reds have in this season and he compared it with the Previous team that includes Luis Suarez and  Raheem Sterling.

According to the English striker he believes that his former side is as good as that team which came so close to winning the EPL in 2013-2014 season.


This season under the German Klopp the Reds are now sitting at the top of the table and they now brought the Sadio Mane in their team and now in the attack they have Philippe Coutinho, Roberto and Firmino and Sadio Mane, and now they have the huge chance to win and he also the team with the team which came so close to achieving the trophy last 2013-2014 campaign.

“Only time will tell whether or not they can win it,” :Heskey.

 “But they are prepared for it.”

“Defensively they are no further forward but attacking wise they are very fluent like they were back then.”

Liverpool in their last match they netted six goals against Watford and reach to the top of the table.

“They are fantastic at the minute,” he said. “The fluency of their game is a joy to watch. It’s a kind of team if you score two, they’re going to score five. It’s interesting to see them play.”

“They’ve got a system that works,” he said. “It’s not traditional but we’ve got to accept they don’t need a forward right now.


“When Sturridge comes in it still works. So it’s seems to be something they are all doing.


“Mane, Coutinho and Firmino are very attack-minded, skilful players. Everyone loves coming for the ball, Mane loves going in behind because he’s got that pace. It looks really good.


“Confidence is sky high. You’re loving every moment of it. You don’t want the games to finish and you want the next one to come along very quickly.”