Liverpool can give Competition to Any Team – Fowler

Source : Liverpool Website

According to Reds Legend Robbie Fowler , Liverpool are “a match for anyone in football”. According to him , the Reds can defeat anyone and they don’t need to fear Bayern.

The German Giants , Bayern Munich will face Liverpool on Tuesdsay in Champions League.

The Reds are pretty comfortable with their matching and hopeful to reach the  quater-finals.

The former Liverpool legend , Fowler is very confident about his team’s chances for the future rounds. He also commented that Liverpool needs to show respect to Bayern and all their opponents. Other than that, they are ready to face any team .

Fowler told in Liverpool’s Official Website :

When it comes to Liverpool, I’m always quietly confident 

We are a great team, we’ve got great players and I’m not sitting here saying teams should be worrying about us because I think you’ve got to give them respect, but we’ll get the respect we deserve off them. 

You look and you analyse where they [Bayern] are this season, and I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way, but they’re probably not the Bayern of old in terms of getting unbelievably great results in their league. But there’s no denying that they’re still a great team, they’re still great players.

“As much as it’s an incredibly, incredibly tough game, I think the way we’re playing, we’re a match for anyone in football. We’ve proven that this year.”

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“The group was maybe a little bit tough, there were some good teams in it and we got out of it. We’re here now and I don’t think it matters really who you play in the second round or the final 16, you’re always going to be playing good teams anyway.” 

It so happens that we’re playing Bayern Munich, who have been the top team in Germany for years and years and obviously we’re looking forward to it as a Liverpool team and Liverpool fans.

“And I’m sure there will be players for Bayern who are looking forward to playing us and coming to Anfield to play in an unbelievable stadium.”

Liverpool made it to the Champions League finals in 2018. They did it by facing many odds . And the Reds Legend , Fowler is expecting another good run in this Champions League also. 

Liverpool will do Better this Champions League

He also said :

“I don’t think anyone envisaged that we’d do as well as we did last year and the more the competition went, I think the more we grew and hopefully that’ll be the case again.”

“I think we’ve proven to a lot of teams and a lot of people in European football that we can hold our own with the best teams in Europe, and obviously we’ve got aspirations to get to where we think we should be again.”

To be playing teams like Bayern, teams like Real Madrid in finals, that tells you the progress that we’ve made as a club over the last couple of years. 

I think it’s first class and we more than deserve to be where we are because of the way we’re playing.

Liverpool will have a home advantage when they welcome Bayern on Tuesday . First time under Klopp‘s reign , Liverpool is again eyeing the Premier League after 29 years.