Liverpool Agreed on transfer agreement with Thiago over Summer Switch

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The Premier League Champions Liverpool agreed on a transfer Agreement with the Spanish midfielder over a transfer switch for the next season, the German Mystro Jurgen Klopp is keen to add the superstar to their ranks for this new season and now they need to negotiate with the Bundesliga giants for the superstar.

According to some sources, the Reds have reached to a transfer agreement with the Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara, the Spanish superstar is not just another signing for the Liverpool side, this season the Adam Lallana confirms that he will leave the club and the other youth talents are coming to the team, the Spanish midfielder would provide the needed experience which the team will require.

Last season the Spanish superstar Thiago has made 24 appearances for the German giants Bayern Munich and lift another Bundesliga title with his side and now the Bayern officials have made it clear that Thiago is looking for some other challenges.

The German club will not stand in the way of Thiago and Liverpool, but they will make sure they will get the fee what they deserve for the Spanish midfielder, at this moment the two clubs are a mile apart for the valuation of the superstar, but a lot could happen in the upcoming transfer window.

The German manager of Liverpool also thinks that in this crisis situation it would be difficult to make good signings for the club.

The Liverpool boss said:

“Are there players out there on the market who could help us as well? Probably, yes.

“This is the challenge for us, to improve a really good football team.

“But the time is a challenge as well. Nobody knows exactly what the future will hold for us, for all of us, so how can we make really expensive decisions about how we will deal with it?

“This team is how it is but that doesn’t mean we will not strengthen, we don’t want to strengthen.

“If we have to and we have the opportunity and we have the financial resources then it will always happen and we will always try.

“But at the moment it’s really, really a difficult time and this team makes pressure on each other by themselves internally. Training quality is really important and high.

“This is a difficult year for all football clubs in the world and I don’t think it’s a time where we talk about transfers like the rest around us did not happen.

“It’s just not possible, at least not for us. We cannot do it like this, other clubs maybe can, but this club is [operating] in a specific way.

“This is our way, here we are. Is it the best way? I don’t know, but it’s ours and we will probably stick to that.”

Under his supervision, after 30 years Liverpool managed to claim the English Premier League trophy.