A New application has been launched in the form of mobile games that allows and gives the opportunity to all the Barcelona fans, Messi to make their super hero run as they wish to and the game is formatted like an escape arcade as like subway surfer or temple run.


Undoubtedly Lionel Messi can do extravagant stuffs within the range of football arena or with football but it will be the very first time he will be seen saving and world in the form of a gaming character. It will be quite interesting to see as to how the fans will react when the game will be launched and also about its popularity, but it’s very obvious that with Messi in it the game is going to flourish day and night.


A much logical and innovative Argentine based company QB9 Entertainment, who currently got the rights to form a video game of the Barcelona stars has come up with ‘Messi Runner’ which is concluded with the footballing twist and terms.


This application will be easily available on Apple and the Android play store as the gaming lovers and the addict will have the control of Messi in their hands and as to how they will handle their superstar in this monstrous run.