Lionel Messi News: Messi vs Ronaldo good for football-Ronaldinho

Football News: former Barca legend Ronaldinho believes that the arch rivalries for the biggest honor are great for star turns in Barcelona and in Madrid, and the football sport as a whole.

Lionel Messi News: According to the world cup winner the battle between both the players is good for the game.

For more than a decade, both the iconic figures have lit up the lights in the sporting galaxy.

Both the players have shared the last ten Ballon d'Or trophies among them and apart from that with their respective clubs, they have won many major trophies and also registered many individual trophies to their names.

Many debates were there for whom is the best player among those two, but Ronaldinho fells their rivalry was beneficial for them and for the amazing game called football.

Former Barcelona star voiced: “It is a healthy fight, which is good for football, because they are two players who are always there to define who will win the Golden Ball, to see who will be the best in the world.

“So, it's a fight that is good for football and all those who love this sport.”

But Ronaldinho has lifted the one prestigious title during his career that Messi and Ronaldo both have been failed to get their hands on the world cup.

In 2002, Ronaldinho has won it for his country and expecting Messi to challenge for that silverware on this term at Russia.

Ronaldinho added: “He is in one of the best national teams in the world, if you look at them individually they are all great players.

Team wise things have not done so well, but if you look at the individual quality of each player, it is one of the best teams in the world. But you have to respect them and Messi is going to be the best again.”

But if Argentina has to outfight, they have to go through by their arch rivals Brazil.

Right now the Selecao fans are bit worried about their national hero’s fitness level, but Ronaldinho believes that Neymar will lead his country in the world cup when the times come.

Ronaldinho stated: “Injuries are never welcome, but I think that in this case it will be good because it will give him time to prepare well to reach the World Cup in great condition.

“The life of a player is to live match to match, day by day and I think nobody is thinking yet about the World Cup, they are watching the Champions League, the end of the leagues that are to come, and I think players should think like this.”