Lionel Messi News: Messi and Alien,Dybala the best in Humans-Nedved

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This season the serie A superstar Paulo Dybala is playing scintillating football with the Serie A giants and because of that this season everyone is comparing his performance with the Argentine ace Lionel Messi.


According to the former juventus superstar Paulo Nedved Paulo Dybala can be the greatest player in the world.

This season he was the highest scorer for the Juventus side this season so far.

This season he has scored 12 goals for the Old Lady side in his 10 appearances and after that every speculations is suggesting that at some stage of his life he will join his countryman at the club level.

But the former Juventus star has says that he will stay with the Juventus side and reach at very top of the table.

Nedved said: “I have seen great players who were unable to handle the weight of wearing this jersey, which contains within it all the names of the past heroes. It is much more difficult here, as even if you draw, it’s like losing.

“Dybala will become the greatest of the ‘humans’ – because Leo Messi is an alien – because he’s got a good head on his shoulders and knows how to work on his mistakes.

“I hope nobody will take him away from us, but after Neymar to PSG, anything is possible. The transfer market has gone crazy.

“At the end of the day, it’s up to the players to decide: if they’ve got balls, they will stay at Juventus. If people only think about money, they will certainly make the wrong decision.”

In the year of 2015 Juventus side has joined the Juventus side from Palermo side and in his first season he has scored 23 goals for them.