Lionel Messi News: It is my last chance at World cup-Messi

 Football News: The Argentine ace knows the situation for his side to win the prestigious trophy with his country after his side ends the last three finals on a sad note.

Lionel Messi News: Lionel Mess know this term he has to play out f his skin to claim the world cup for his country.

 The La Albiceleste captain Lionel Messi knows that the upcoming world cup is the last chance for him to claim silverware, with his club the Argentine star has won exorbitancy of trophies, but with his national team he has not composed that story.

With his national side Messi and his co has suffered heartbreaks in the last three major competitions, they lost the 2014 world cup finals against Germany at Brazil and after that they lost two consecutive finals in the Copa America finals against Chile in the year of 2015 and 2016.

In the Argentina programme called "La Cornisa”, Messi voiced: "I cried many times because of games like these, for lost finals, for what they mean and for not being able to achieve the dream of a country,"

"They [the three finals] were tough blows,"

"It seems like having reached three finals doesn't help us at all."

Right now Messi is 30, and most of his compatriots are 30, and when the world cup will take place they all will be either 30 or more, so he understands that time is ticking away from them to achive something special for their country.

Messi stated: "We depend on the results, unfortunately,"

"We feel that if we are not champions … we will not have another."

Messi also confessed the dream of lifting the world cup with his country after his side bite the dust against Germany in 2014.

Messi added: "I imagine being able to be in that game, to win it, to be able to raise the cup,"

"It's the dream I have always had and every time a World Cup comes it gets even stronger.

 "I want to tell people that I hope it's a great World Cup for us, that my wish is the same as all of you and that we can live something similar to 2014, which was an unforgettable experience, and that the result is similar but this time raising the cup is everyone's dream."

 Argentine will tackle Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria in their group stage matches at the world cup.