Lionel Messi News: Aguero: signing Messi would be complicated


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The Talisman’s contract with the Barca side will end in the next year but his compatriot does Not believe that  Barca man Wouldplaysy his football with the Manchester City side in the next season.

The Argentine striker Sergio Aguero says that he would love to have Lionel Messi by his side at Manchester City but also at the same time he believes that it would be difficult to sign him from Barcelona.

Lionel Messi news says that the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has been ruling for several months and also last night he scored a hat trick against Ecuador and take Argentina through to the world cup finals.

Jose Maria Barromeu Barca President says that Lionel Messi’s contract renewal with the Barca side has already been done but Lionel Messi news confirms that his close one knows that the contract with Messi and Barcelona yet to be confirmed.

Aguero does not believe that Lionel Messi would join the Manchester City side in the next season even Money would be not an issue for the Manchester City side.

Aguero said: "The money isn't a problem here,"

"But I think Messi, like [Cristiano] Ronaldo, are players who are symbols of their clubs and it's difficult for them to leave.

"I would love to have Leo on my team, but that seems quite complicated."

In the recent Past Aguero has been sidelined after he breaks his ribs from a car accident which take place at Amsterdam , that injury kept him out of Argentina’s last two qualifiers against Peru and Ecuador and also from the doctor’s report we can say that this injury will kept him out off the field till  October.

About that Incident Aguero added: "When a player has a free day at Manchester City, most of the players go to London, others to Italy, some to Spain,"

"I was lucky that I know the agent of Maluma [a Colombian singer], he invited me and I went. I had almost two days off and going to the airport was when I had that accident.

"Then one thinks "why did I [go]", but it's difficult to imagine that something like that could happen.

"I still do not know if I am going to play on Saturday. Today I trained normally, but without the group.

"Tomorrow I will get into the group to see how I feel, but at training it's not the same thing as a game, I want to see if I have pain."