Leader Pogba Can be the captain of Manchester United: Solskajer

Solskjaer believes that the 25 year old midfielder may get the chance to lead the Red Devils after he got stripped off from the role from the special one.

Pogba could be the new leader for Manchester United.

The caretacker manager has branded the Frenchman as a captain of Manchester United, and  he insists that he would not think twice before handling the captain’s armband of Manchester United to him.

During Mourinho’s regime also the Frenchman led Manchester United three times in the beginning of the season,but then the special one decided not to hand him the captain’s armband after their relationship become nasty.

“It was exactly the same person who decided Paul was the second captain: myself. No fallout at all, just decisions I do not have to explain.”

Now the new Manchester United manager persists that he had not issue to asking the Frenchman to lead the side, having seen him since his days at United and seeing some leadership qualities about him.

The caretakcer manager stated: “Definitely, [I would consider him as captain], because I know the boy from before and he is a leader,”

“He’s a character, he influences people and you’ve seen the videos from France, and he cares and he really wants to be successful. He knows he can’t do it by himself, it’s a team game and he’s a character that brings so many good things with him when he’s enjoying himself.

“You see the personality. He loves playing football, he’s a larger-than-life character, that’s just the way he is.

“When the performances come as well, that marries together as a good leader and you see what it meant to him winning the World Cup. So for me, yes, he’s captain material.”