Lampard believes Diego Costa proves that he is one of the best forward in this football domain and now Chelsea and Morata may find it hard to replace him.


This season Costa failed out the Italian manager Antonio Conte and there were rumors that in recent future he will join to his former club Atletico Madrid, though last season last season this pair won the EPL.

This season Chelsea side signed the Spanish attacker Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid side for £68 million, Lampard believes despite they spend that money for the Real Madrid striker still Costa’s absence may still be left.

He elucidated: "I am a big fan of Diego Costa, I don't underrate him and I don't think any Chelsea fans do,"

"I think Costa was popular there because of the all-round striker he is, he is up there with the best in the world in terms of being a big target man.

"He can be a target, run the line and he can also score goals. He can be a consistent problem for any defender. He is not easy to replace, I don't think to replace someone exactly in his mould but in Morata, I think they have a young player with great movement.

"He is a good finisher, he scored around 20 goals last year at Real Madrid and they will need him as their main striker this year."

The former Chelsea Frank Lampard is Chelsea’s highest ever goal scorer and he regarded as one of the Blue’s greatest players ever.

Lampard maintained a great connection with his former Club Chelsea despite he left them in 2014 and joined the Manchester City, he believes Diego Costa’s attitude is not the reason that he is leaving the club.

Lampard added: "Costa was liked in the dressing room,"

"I think he was more disruptive on the pitch [than in the dressing room]. He played on the edge and we all saw that. In the dressing room, I heard he was jovial, got on well with all the lads.

"So I don't think he was a problem on that front. I think he was open last year about Atletico Madrid and from then there was rumours all the time so I think it was as much him thinking about leaving. It now seems like he finally will."