The two weighed winger will be out of contract at this year’s end, the Bayern captain believes that they are worthy of a new deal.

Philipp Lahm has pledged the honcho’s of Bayern to close down another deal with the 32 year old Dutch international Arjen Robben and the 33 year old French man Franck Ribery as he feels they still have plenty to offer.

Since the officials of Bayern still hasn’t shown any sign of renewal of their contract for the club so rumors are larking around the air about their departure in June 2017.

However the weighed right back Lahm feels differently, he still feels that the two wingers can still contribute to the team’s cause still at large.

"I would definitely welcome it if both Robben and Ribery would stay put for another year," Lahm told Sport1. 

"You simply still see each game that they have incredible quality.

"They have a lot of experience and have been playing at the highest level for a number of years. They know a thing or two about what it means to play football at a world-class level."