The Manchester City Captain suffered another injury against Swansea and the club doctors are unsure for how many days he will take?

The Belgium will undergo through various tests this weekend after being diagnosed with muscle cramps in his grown.

The Manchester City captain left the ground on the extra time of city’s 2-1 victory against Swansea in EFL cup on Wednesday, it was his first appearance after the thigh problem he problem he picking up in may.

The Belgium International missed a lot of games in the last season and everyone assuming that maybe the same problem has been occurs again.
But it is believed that his latest problem concerned his grown.

Vincent Kompany missed 36 games in the last season due to his injury.

The Manchester City captain just limped off the pitch on last year  match against Sunderland on boxing day, the he just got out off the game for three months ,and he just played seven minutes in his next fixture against  Dynamo Kiev in March.