The 24 year old suffered an injury during their match against Sunderland and everyone is expecting he will return after New Year.


The German manager thinks that his mauled team can achieve anything without the Brazilian Coutinho.

The 24 year old Brazilian midfielder suffered a heavy tackle in their match against Sunderland and he got injured badly in that match and he will not able to play for them Until January, after he got admitted in the hospital after the scan it was detected that he has tendon damage and an ankle ligament injury.

And on Tuesday the Reds will play a FOOTBALL MATCH against Leeds United in EFL Cup, the Reds are ready to play the match without their star midfielder.

The German coach said that:

“Phil Coutinho is a really good football player and if we can’t use him for the next few days or weeks then every team in the world would feel that,”

“That’s how it is but there is no excuse for anything. Phil, as good as he is, cannot decide games on his own, even if it looks like that at times.

“He dribbles, he shoots and he is important but it is really a team performance that we have created. He’s a very important part of that but of course we can handle it.

The Brazilian is now under recovery stage and his team will miss him for eight matches and ablest he needs one month to return to the field.

The Reds coach thinks that they are prepared for their next matches and they are a sting team and they can win everything without him and they cannot give an excuse to not have him in their team for one month.
Though Coutinho is not the only one the another two key players like Adam Lallana, Daniel Sturridge both of them are also suffering from injury, the coach is ready to make several changes in his starting lineup.

The coach added:

“Phil’s not in, Adam is close but not in, Daniel is not in – they are all quality players but we don’t look for excuses.

“We want to show it’s possible to play the way we play football without them, but of course it is better if they are all fit.”