Liverpool picked up fourth consecutive win in the all the tournaments and the German was impressed how his boys put a performance against Hull City on Saturday.

Jurgen Klopp was pleased how his man put a performance against Hull City in the first half of the game, where they beat them by 5-1.

Klopp's men were furious and they picked their fourth successive win against Hull City, with the English man Adam Lallana gave them an early lead, then it was doubled by James Milner from the spot.

After that the Senegalese Sadio mane and Philippe Coutinho adding the fourth while Milner put another goal from the spot and give them the victory over Hull.

"All good. Actually, the first half was brilliant," said Klopp. "That was how football should be if you are able to do it. You have to show this. 

"In the first few minutes you could really see how strong Hull could be in counter-attacks – really good, really strong and difficult to defend. We showed it in analysis, but I saw there was a little bit of a surprise about the speed and power of Hull in these situations.

"Nothing happened and then we played football. We were really strong in possession, but the most impressive thing was the counter-pressing in the game, with this big number of possession.

"I think it was the best game in counter-pressing that we have played until now. That was very important, because we scored the goals right and all that stuff, but winning the ball back in these moments is so important and it becomes really difficult for the opponent to increase confidence."

The Reds scored 71 goals in the Premier League  since the German appointed as their manager on October 2015,  more than any other side.