The German manager at Liverpool persists nothing has changed about the Brazilian superstar Coutinho’s future, though the general manager of Barcelona suggesting that the deal is about to happen.


Barcelona is the Brazilian superstar from the starting of the summer transfer window and they made two bids for the Brazilian star as well, but Liverpool rejected both of their bids for the youngster.

Josep Segura the general manager of Barcelona claimed that Barcelona is edge closer to sign the Liverpool star and also the French youngster Dembele from Dortmund, but Klopp suggests that nothing has changed on this ceaseless transfer saga.

Klopp voiced: "I don't know why other people are saying what they're saying. I don't even know him. I have never met him,"

"We have already said what we have to say. [There is] no news from me. Nobody told me anything different since we spoke last time."

So far Coutinho has taken no part in Liverpool’s on Liverpool first two matches against Watford and Hoffenheim and though Liverpool has insisted that because of his back injury he is not able to play for them.

But many people pondering this is the sign of him leaving the Anfield this summer.

In their next match, Reds will face Crystal Place and Klopp confirms Coutinho will miss that game as the injury will take to heal. 

In that match, Daniel Sturridge could make his first appearance for the Liverpool in this season as he has been recovered from muscle strain.

Klopp said: "Daniel, yes I would say. He played a part in a full session but always after injuries you have to wait to see how the player has reacted,"

"Phil is not available."