The Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp avouched that there is no rift between him and Coutinho after Coutinho’s endeavor to move to the Catalan side.


This season the Catalan side has had made three bids for the Brazilian superstar but all of them were rejected by Liverpool side.


They made their fourth bid for the Brazilian attacker a sum of £118m if the deal happens then Coutinho will become the second most expensive player in the history.

But the Liverpool side is staying true to their words and they are not willing to sell the 25-year-old to the Barcelona side.

Before their   Champions League qualifier, second leg match against the German side Hoffenheim Klopp elucidated that his relationship with the Brazilian superstar Coutinho hasn’t been damaged in any way.

Klopp said: "Of course, everything is okay between me and him,"

"Absolutely. 100 per cent.

"I never give any comment to whatever's written or said but it's 100 per cent clear that nothing's changed.

"I said already, my English is not good enough to give five different answers and always the same question, so nothing changed."

This season so far Coutinho yet to feature for the Liverpool side because of his back injury and he will miss their second leg match against the German side as well.

Klopp says he is suffering from a sickness bug and it is not sure when he will return to the field.

He voiced: 

"He can't start tomorrow because on top of that, he's now ill,"

"It will take time because he has not trained for a long time. I've no idea at this moment (when he will return), we would have to check when he is back."